A little Christmas motivation 🎅🏻

So I haven’t been a top eater these past few weeks so I may giving myself a little motivation to lose some timber before Christmas! I have given up Crisps as these are my major downfall in life! I could eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner! My sister has given up chocolate too!!

Im giving myself a little target of half a stone lost by xmas day so it’s definitely achievable!

Wish me luck!!

Im back at the gym this week too which will be a big help. I’ve got a half marathon to train for which I’m doing in march and I’m going to start training for it this week so that should be a big help too!! I’m thinking about all the pigs in blankets and crisps and quality street that I am going to eat on Christmas Day!! That is my motivation!

Cant wait!


A little holiday target 🎯 

I have 56 days till I go to Ibiza and at the moment I am not ready to go physically! I really want to look my best like we all do on my girly holiday so I am setting myself a mini target for weight loss! I’m not gonna be silly and set an unrealistic target so my target is 14 pounds (1 stone)

I started slimming world again on Thursday as I know it works well for me. I want to lose an average of 2 pounds a week and I will get to my target! I am going to be writing a little post each week until my holiday to keep track of how I’m doing!

I’ve tried slimming world before but found it quite silly how you can have crisps and chocolate everyday so this time I won’t be doing that. I’m going to still be clean eating but following the slimming world plan!

Wish me luck! First weigh in this Thursday! I’m aiming for 3 pound loss!! 

Here are some of my recent meals on plan! 

An update on the denim shorts 

So I thought I’d have a giggle and try on the shorts to see if I was any closer to fitting my fat arse into them.
Guess what…..

I can button them up!! Hurrahhhhh!!! 

I may not be able to breathe or move in them but they are fastened haha! Give me 2 weeks and hopefully they will have a little give in them lol 😂 

One step closer to my holiday shorts ❤️👙

Charlotte xoxo

The denim short goal

Today I went on the hunt for a fabulous pair of denim shorts as my current ones are a size 14 and too big! I was in primark and fell in love with these Size 12 shorts. I’m currently a size 12 (well I thought so) so I bought them without trying them on. I decided to try them on tonight and they don’t fit! 

Instead of being upset about it and grabbing the nearest bag of crisps I went for a 30 minute doggy walk and headed to my sisters for a workout!

Feeling fab I’ve come home and had a delicious tea!ive decided that these shorts are my next goal seen as I’ve ditched the scales! In a months time I will post my progress photo to see if I can get my fat bum in to them. I’ve took a few photos for inspiration and hopefully this blog post will keep me on track as I would LOVE to button them up and wear them on my holidays!!!

Wish me luck xoxo 

Why I feel like I should ditch the scales

My recent struggle with my weightloss journey

Like everybody at the moment I am working hard to get my summer body. I have a strong regime that will hopefully help me lose the unwanted 2 stone I have carrying around. Monday-Friday I work out and at the weekends I am a bit more relaxed with the exercise. However I have been scheduling workouts on Saturdays these past few weeks. My workouts are a mixture, I do kettlecise, R.A.W, I normally have 2 personal training sessions a week, however my trainer is off at the moment so me and my friend Kate are just going to the gym and following Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide which is a killer.

I have been trying the Protein World shakes for breakfast. My fave is the salted caramel shake. I have it with almond milk and it really does fill me up until lunch or lunch it’s usually a homemade wrap with some fruit and for tea I have cut out carbs so just meat and vegetables. Now reading all of this you would think the weight would be flying off me. NOPE. I keep fluctuating between 11stone12 to 11stone10.5. I cannot for the life of me lose any more weight. I have a monthly weigh and measure at the gym and I’m not even losing inches. I am definitely feeling very deflated as I am trying so hard but I am not giving up. It’s got to come off eventually hasn’t it?

My upcoming holiday to Ibiza is definitely keeping me motivated. Maybe next month’s measures will show me the results that I want. The scales however are not my friend and I am definitely considering throwing them away!!! Am I doing anything wrong? Does anyone else find they are doing all the right things but not getting any results?

Lets hope this next month is a better one

Lots of love

Charlotte x


Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 10.17.11


Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 10.17.52

Food demons

I think that I will always struggle with my food demons. The little guy in your ear telling you that you need that bag of crisps or whole pizza to yourself! Now I am not against having a treat now and again but don’t you just find it so hard to stop yourself sometimes!

I have been trying to lose weight for years, successfully and unsuccessfully. It’s definitely been a slow journey thanks to my demons! However over the years I am gradually learning self control. I am also learning my love for the kitchen and cooking. I LOVE cooking and enjoying delicious food! 

At the moment I am loving protein smoothies for breakfast wraps for lunch which I choose tuna salad or quorn sausages with spinach! Filling and healthy! 

My favourite treat meals are cheeseburgers of pizza! The naughtiest of things!! But it’s all about making the right choices 80% of the time and allowing yourself a little treat! But you do have to know when to stop ✋ 

Does anyone else struggle with your demons like me?

My Story

For as long as I can remember I have always battled with my weight. I have tried every diet under the sun and none of them have worked for me! I have recently started a new weightloss journey that seems to be working for me. This diet is called healthy eating and exercise. Shock!! I am done with the fad diets with quick results that never stay off. 

If your like me then follow my journey of me successfully losing 3 stone and keeping it off! I am a stone done already so only 2 stone to go! 

The photograph on the left is me at my heaviest! The photograph on the right is my most recent photograph and I am feeling so much better!! 

At the moment I am following slimming world mixed with calorie counting and it seems to really be working. I workout twice a week with a personal trainer and 3-4 times a week doing classes or with my workout buddies!!

If you want to follow my journey I will be blogging about my workouts, meals and all my struggles with weightloss! 

I hope you enjoy this blog

Charlotte x